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Prospector Mick Shmazian on Minerals

January 18, 2018
The continuing forward movement of technology does hold the promise that many of the mineral resources we rely on heavily right now will someday be replaced. Of course, until that happens - and that may take decades or longer - many industries who depend heavily on these minerals will have to have ready and affordable access to them. That makes the efforts of mineral prospectors like Mick Shmazian critical to a good economy. Mineral prospectors keep the flow of certain minerals and materials moving, which is a key method for keep the economy productive and moving in the right direction.

As one could guess, Mick Shmazian certainly defies the stereotype of a mineral prospector. He doesn’t have a thick mustache, he doesn’t wear overalls and carries a pick ax and he doesn’t use a burro to carry heavy tools. That said, he is very good to his profession. When a mineral prospector does their job well, they constantly locate new resources. Over the two decades of experience accumulated by Mick Shmazian, he has become an expert in his field and he has been lauded by many. Even better, Mick’s experience is global; not only has he worked hard on his home continent of Australia, he also has searched for necessary mineral deposits in Asia, Africa, and North America.